Bounty Everlasting

Bounty Everlasting

In celebration of our 25th anniversary, we’re bringing you a new collection of poems. Bounty Everlasting features the work of sixteen poets whose work was featured in our pages during our first 25 years. Edited by Gabrielle Calvocoressi and Marina Greenfeld, featured poets include former Poet Laureate Natasha Tretheway, Tiana Clark, Tom Andrews, and more.

A List of Waters

by Tyree Daye

NOTE: Line breaks may shift on a mobile device.

Ethel’s Sestina and Company’s Coming

by Patricia Smith

"I trust his every word. Herbert my son. I believe him when he says help gon' come . . ."

Semantic Relations

by Adrian Blevins

“My people are not killers—they are romantics— they like to sit around on porches and tell false stories…”

Autumn’s Sidereal, November’s a Ball and Chain

by Charles Wright

"After the leaves have fallen, the sky turns blue again"


by Atsuro Riley

“Bright breath of the lamp that lamps our night. Our dirt.”

“My Aunt Smokes Another Lucky”

by Michael McFee

". . . and everybody laughs, especially my aunt, smoke haunting her head like ghosts of family."

Is for, to Hold

by Bob Hicok

"The road had disappeared, the field, / the sundial was about to go under, meaning shadows / would have been unable to stay on schedule."

Elegy for the Native Guards

by Natasha Trethewey

". . . 2nd Regiment, Union men, black phalanx. What is monument to their legacy?"

Praying with George Herbert in Late Winter

by Tom Andrews

"Outside, light swarms / and particularizes the snow . . ."

Crowd Crush

by Emilia Phillips

"if I could get away / with it without laughing."

Threads, End of Another Day

by Michael Chitwood, Michael McFee

Honoring Our Poetry Editor

Goldsboro narrative #11

by Forrest Hamer

"He was in love, he protested, and he just wanted the South to stay as it was for now . . ."


by Al Maginnes

". . . we owe our past the kindness of a visit now and then."

American Honey

by Joy Priest

“let your freedom build slow like the death of a star across the years . . .”

The Rime of Nina Simone

by Tiana Clark

"I need to tell you something about yourself."