Around the corner and around the world for twenty-five years.


Southern Cultures founded by sociologist John Shelton Reed and historian Harry L. Watson (both of UNC-Chapel Hill) and published by Duke Press.


The quarterly moves to its current home at the Center for the Study of the American South and is published by UNC Press.


Lisa Eveleigh signed onto the editorial staff in 1996 for a twelve-year run as copyeditor and consultant. Along the way, scholars James Leloudis, Annette Wright, Paul Quigley, and Spencer Downing, and especially longtime executive editor Dave Shaw, played crucial roles on the editorial team. Founding editor John Shelton Reed resigned his formal title in 2005 for another southern sociologist, Larry J. Griffin, who was succeeded by music scholar Jocelyn R. Neal. In 2015, distinguished food scholar Marcie Cohen Ferris replaced Neal to join Watson as faculty editor.


UNC Press publishes Southern Cultures: The Fifteenth Anniversary Reader, an anthology of the quarterly’s most requested material for classroom use.


Southern Cultures counts its 250,000th reader through Project Muse.


Southern Cultures counts readers in 90+ countries—online, via eReaders, and, as always, in print.


Southern Cultures celebrates 25 years.

Illustrations by Amy S. Hoppe.
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