“Climate Change Is an Everything Issue”

Illustration by Emma Schmidt

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“Climate Change Is an Everything Issue”

by Katharine Hayhoe, Bryan Giemza
Southern Cultures, Vol. 29, No. 3: Snapshot: Climate

“To address the climate crisis, you have to recognize how climate change is intersecting with other issues, such as poverty, racism, socioeconomic inequality, injustice, and more.”

You know, in the interest of effective communication, I prefer to just say climate change is an everything issue, because that doesn’t immediately set up a barrier. And then when people say, well, what is everything? then we can start asking what they care about. I’m a gardener. Okay, well, let me tell you how climate change is a gardening issue. I play football. Let me tell you how climate change is affecting football. Everything is a much more open word.