The Dixie Chicks: Fly (Music Review)

The Dixie Chicks (Sony/Monument, 1999)

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The Dixie Chicks: Fly (Music Review)

by Gavin James Campbell
Southern Cultures, Vol. 6, No. 1: Five-Year Anniversary Issue

Sony/Monument, 1999

For those who wondered whether the Dixie Chicks were a flash in pan, wonder no more. Fly surpasses Wide Open Spaces. Melding pop’s lush instrumentals with country’s emotional intensity, the Dixie Chicks craft a sound that should appeal to a wide cross-section of listeners. From honky-tonk tear-jearkers like “Hello, Mr. Heartache” to hard-driving bluegrass-tinged songs like “Sin Wagon,” the album takes on the problem of love and betrayalstaples of the country repertoireoften in a new way.