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Vol. 2, No. 3/4: 1996

And Gently He Shall Lead Them: Robert Parris Moses and Civil Rights in Mississippi, and Local People: The Struggle For Civil Rights in Mississippi by Eric Burner (Review)

by Brian Ward

NYU Press, 1995

In recent years, Mississippi has become a sort of totem for historians of the black freedom struggle, much as it was for the civil rights workers of the early-to-mid-1960s. Movement supporters once believed that if unregenerate Mississippi, the ultimate “closed society,” could be brought to heel then black freedom in the United States was surely just down the road apiece. Similarly, many Movement scholars have focused on the Magnolia State in the belief that unraveling the complexities of the freedom struggle there is important, not just as a worthy end in itself, but as a means to understand the very nature of the southern civil rights struggle.

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