Guy Carawan: July 27, 1927–May 2, 2015

Guy Carawan at home in New Market, Tennessee, ca. 1990, by Heather Carawan. Used with permission.

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Guy Carawan: July 27, 1927–May 2, 2015

by Michael K. Honey
Southern Cultures, Vol. 21, No. 3: Music

"No one I knew, not even Pete Seeger, could make that banjo ring with the sounds of the Appalachian mountains the way Guy could."

I first met musician-organizer Guy Carawan in the early 1970s at a gathering at Highlander Center, when it was located for a time in Knoxville, Tennessee (its current home is in the country, in New Market). Guy was in his mid-forties and I was in my early-twenties. For the rest of my life until now, I have been listening to, learning from, and drawing inspiration from Guy, and indeed from his whole artistic family, including his wife and singing and song-gathering partner Candie, and their two children Evan and Heather.