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Sonic South

In Mind and Place

Soundscapes of Slavery at the University of Mississippi

by Kristin Gee Hickman

“Mundane practices are what form habits, stabilize norms, and reproduce culture. This begs the question: What culture am I reproducing by repeating the words Ole Miss?”

As someone not originally from the South, I find it difficult to pronounce the words “Ole Miss.” Saying it feels like playing dress-up because it forces me, even if just for a moment, to put on someone else’s accent (and I am terrible at accents). Every time I try to put the words in my mouth, I feel an immense sense of discomfort, as if I’m mocking someone unintentionally. Ole. My mouth unsteadily rounds to accommodate the foreign sound, but it always feels awkwardly incomplete. “Can’t I just say ‘Old’ instead?”

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