Letter to the Editor: We Get Hammered

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Letter to the Editor: We Get Hammered

by John Michael Vlach, JanetSeapker
Southern Cultures, Vol. 6, No. 3: Fall 2000

"The use of the F-word was completely unnecessary. I am very disappointed."

Sure, we should have seen it coming. A little more foresight, and we might have avoided having to publish all these letters primarily concerned with administering a good hammering. (In case you’re wondering, we play the role of the nail.) Perhaps when we first invited you to write us with your comments we should have added something about it being acceptable to write us in the event you should find something commendable, moderately amusing, or in any way enjoyable between our covers. But we forgot about adding that part. So as you read below, you’ll find letters from as far away as New Zealand telling us we’re uncultured, off-base, contriving, and often just plain wrong. We suppose that there would be little point to printing these letters if everybody thought we were perfect. Even though you hammer, we look forward to hearing what you have to say.