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Vol. 7, No. 2: Summer 2001

Letters to the Editor: “The First National Obnoxious People Survey”

by Randolph N. Waller

“What’s next — a Charles Manson retrospective?”

From time to time our readers send us pleasant reminders that there’s no reason for this publication to take itself at all seriously. For instance, we thought that the forum we’ve been offering in our “Letters to the Editors” might lend itself to thoughtful discussions of essays we’ve printed. And sometimes it does. But we also continue to receive a number of letters that seem to have lighter motives and include extra little tidbits of information. Like recipes. While we enjoy receiving recipes (and our cooking has improved), they really don’t have much to do with anything Southern Cultures has published in the last, well, three years or so.

This article appears as an abstract above, the complete article can be accessed in Project Muse
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