Night Walker

Night Service Mirage, by Kimberly Anderson, 2022. Mixed media collage on corrugated cardboard with family photos, archival photography, and gold leaf, 12 x 12 in.

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Night Walker

by Kimberly Anderson
Southern Cultures, Gothic South (Vol. 29, No. 4)

“He noticed the sound of the footsteps quicken, but a swift glance behind him offered only the shadow of a person outlined by the light of the moon.”

“Hey, sorry I can’t take you further down the road, man, you sure you gon’ be alright?” Tea smiled at his friend. He fully understood the trepidation. The black of night in rural Marion, South Carolina, could be really unnerving if you weren’t from the area and familiar with the roads—especially in the dark. The low country roads were mostly deserted, save for the occasional car passing through, and the atmosphere was pitch black. Looking into the night was like staring into the void.