Ways of Dixie Win in Latin America

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Ways of Dixie Win in Latin America

by Helen Bullitt Lowry
Southern Cultures, Vol. 10, No. 2: Summer 2004

The Southerners who have gone North have had to drop their drawl and their restful afternoons and the ceremonious manners their mothers taught them, because the North thinks such manners an affectation in business hours. They have had to become Go-Getters and some have become Babbitts of the worst order.

This is the paradox of American business: Evolution has produced the type of Go-Getter best fitted to sustain life and salary and the rising cost of golf and a rising taste in motors in a nation where business is geared up to high. Then, just as this type is successfully standardized and operating in our business world with 100 percent efficiency, along comes the “catch” of trade with Latin America. Go-Getters are not worth a darn on the other side of the Rio Grande.