Vol. 24, No. 4: Winter 2018

Vol. 24, No. 4: Winter 2018

Cozy up with our new winter issue.

Front Porch: Winter 2018

by Harry Watson

“All the South’s cultural strands have continuity with whatever came before, and all of them have changed to meet new conditions. That’s how we can recognize something called the South from one generation to another.”

Tasting New Orleans

by Anthony J. Stanonis, Rachel Wallace

“‘Sometimes it seems like the entire repertoire of New Orleans cuisine is reduced to king cake and beer during Mardi Gras season.’”

Southern Lens

by Melissa Gwynn

“‘All photographic imagery documents a moment gone—and I think much of my work is interested in that going, what is here and how it drifts to that gone place.’” —Tom Rankin

W. C. Handy and the “Birth” of the Blues

by Adam Gussow

This article has been condensed from a longer essay that first appeared in the Winter 2018 Issue. Access the entire essay via Project Muse (link below).

Scattered and Sacred

by John Oliver Hodges

“There were cool buildings everywhere, too, all over, and they lit up beautifully in the light . . . The things had personality, their own special kind of dead life, so what did I do? I photographed them.”

Race and Reconciliation on the Gulf & Ship Island Railroad

by William Sturkey

“A line of hope for some, the Gulf & Ship Island Railroad became, for others, a legendary site of death and cruelty, a place where modernization and opportunity clashed with archaic traditions and racial oppression.”

We Are Here

by Meredith L. McCoy

“‘[Powwow is] how we stand up.’”

first meeting

by Délana R. A. Dameron

“A hand-cupped ear, he is looking to tune her voice to the right frequency.”