“Big Bone Lick,” “Big Talk,” and “Flush”

“. . . the Indians said the peaks were talking to each other in the idiom that mountains use. . .” Pilot Mountain, North Carolina, photographed by AnDrew McKenzie, 2003, courtesy of a GNU Free Documentation License.

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“Big Bone Lick,” “Big Talk,” and “Flush”

by Robert Morgan
Southern Cultures, Vol. 17, No. 3: Memory

". . . for ten millennia, the bones seemed wreckage from a mighty dream . . ."

Big Bone Lick
At Big Bone Lick the first explorers
found skeletons of elephants they said,
found ribs of wooly mammoths, tusks.
They dug out teeth the size of bricks
and skulls of giant bison, beavers.