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Vol. 26, No. 1: Documentary Moment

Forty Sundays a Year

New Orleans Second Line Parades

by Pableaux Johnson

New Orleans Second Line Parades

“Sunday Second Lines nod to the past but embrace the present, dancing along that thin line where tradition thrives, four hours of unbridled jubilation at a time.”

On roughly forty Sundays a year, the hardworking members of New Orleans Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs take turns celebrating the everyday joy and pains of the community in a flashy display of footwork and high fashion, hip-hop bass and thundering brass. Dedicated high-energy revelers suit up for a four-hour funk-fueled strut through the streets (and stairways, stoops, porches, and even roofs) we call home, turning their neighborhoods into temporary dance clubs in a wildly kinetic weekly tradition that showcases New Orleans’s musical, dance, and neighborhood traditions.

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