Front Porch: Documentary Moment

Illustration by Nate Beaty

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Front Porch: Documentary Moment

by Harry Watson
Southern Cultures, Vol. 26, No. 1: Documentary Moment

“People want to study [the South’s] differences and continuities, its joys, tragedies, and outrages, to affirm the significance of place in a world of displacement.”

This issue carries Southern Cultures through its twenty-fifth year and past our four anniversary issues: Backward/Forward, Inside/Outside, Left/Right, and Here/Away. We hope our readers have enjoyed these special numbers as much as we have. As always, we thank the authors who gave us an embarrassment of riches to choose from and our sharp, creative guest editors: Charles Reagan Wilson, William Sturkey, Joseph Crespino, and Karida Brown. We follow up with yet another special issue, this one on the Documentary Moment, guest edited by Tom Rankin with his customary grace and skill.