Latter-Day Paradises in the Cherokee National Forest

Little Milligan, Tennessee, 2011, by John Lusk Hathaway.

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Latter-Day Paradises in the Cherokee National Forest

by John Lusk Hathaway, MarkLong
Southern Cultures, Vol. 27, No. 2: Built/Unbuilt

“The people that populate Hathaway’s images rest and recreate among massive infrastructures and the tendrils that link them into the networks of the modern world.”

Geographer Dennis Cosgrove has written that American landscapes may best be apprehended from the air. So vast are US landscapes and, likewise, our interventions to rework them, that a vantage point at that level of remove is necessary to appreciate the scale of physical and human geographies here. Nowhere, perhaps, is that perspective more apposite to grasp the enormity of planned American landscapes than for the series of behemoth, high-modern, dirigiste projects undertaken by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), whose territory, spanning seven states, is half the size of California.