Lesser-Known 21st-Century Southern Writers

Daniel Wallace

"The only way he could be lesser-known is if he had never existed at all."

For our 21c Fiction Issue, we consulted crackerjack writer, illustrator, and sleuth Daniel Wallace. The Big Fish traipsed around the Smoky Mountains and a hole somewhere in Alabama, and consulted with a cat named Eudora Welty and a writerly dog named Jake to create for us these “Lesser-Known 21st-Century Southern Writers.”

Jimmy Pringle

The Hopewell Sisters

Mrs. Sedgewick and the Tiny One-Eyed Genius

Able Manly

Carla Yount


Roscoe Molton

Barton White

This series first appeared in the 21c Fiction issue (vol. 22, no. 3: Fall 2016). Join us on November 18, 2016 in Southern Cultures‘s Back Wing gallery for a pop-up art show of “Lesser-Known 21-Century Southern Writers.”

Daniel Wallace (b. 1959). Briefly famous as a younger man, in his later years carried a live fish around with him (tilapia) just to remind people who he was.