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Vol. 26, No. 3: The Women’s Issue

To Belong Aquí y Allá

by Maggie Loredo, Perla M. Guerrero

“I wasn’t aware that I was an undocumented person. And also wasn’t aware that all those people were undocumented. I just knew that they didn’t speak English and they needed support.”

Maggie Loredo, an immigrant rights activist and a returnee to Mexico, speaks with Latinx studies scholar Perla M. Guerrero. In this conversation, we learn about Loredo’s path to becoming a cofounder and codirector of an NGO, some of the challenges deportees and returnees face upon their return, and her vision for translocal engagement so that we may flourish wherever we are.

This article appears as an abstract above, the complete article can be accessed in Project Muse
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