Vol. 10, No. 3: Fall 2004

Vol. 10, No. 3: Fall 2004

In this issue, we explore photographer Shellburne Thurber’s southern home with Lee Zacharias, visit a quilting bee in Gee’s Bend, Alabama with Nancy Scheper-Hughes, finish the last lap of the Daytona 500 with Adrian Blevins, and get political on the Auburn University football field with Andrew Doyle.

Front Porch: Fall 2004

by Harry L. Watson

"Imagine hanging out in Harvard Square wearing a sunbonnet stamped, 'It's a southern thing. You wouldn't understand.'"

“Fighting Whiskey and Immorality” at Auburn: The Politics of Southern Football, 1919-1927

by Andrew Doyle

"President Spright Dowell of Alabama Polytechnic Institute, today's Auburn University, had raised admission standards and improved the professional qualifications of the faculty. . . . Yet this solid record was overshadowed by a raging public controversy sparked by the decline of the once-powerful Auburn football program."

Shellburne Thurber’s Southern Home

by Lee Zacharias

"'I never really knew my mother very well and I think that I was trying to figure out who she was. Since she wasn't around anymore, the only things I could photograph were the places that she'd lived in.'"

Feeding the Jewish Soul in the Delta Diaspora

by Marcie Cohen Ferris

"Throughout the nation food strongly defines ethnic and regional identity. But in the South, and especially in the Delta, a region scarred by war, slavery, and the aftermath of reconstruction and segregation, food is especially important."

The Last Lap of the Daytona 500

by Adrian Blevins

". . .there's now the death of Dale Earnhardt, Dale Earnhardt, Dale Earnhardt."

Anatomy of a Quilt: The Gee’s Bend Freedom Quilting Bee

by Nancy Scheper-Hughes

"Something akin to a bitter culture war took place each time I would bring out a sample of those decidedly un-Yankee Gee's Bend quilts. 'They don't look right,' we were told. 'Who would want to sleep under something like this?'"

Southern Excursions: Views on Southern Letters in My Time, by George Garrett (Review)

by Samuel F. Pickering

Louisiana State University Press, 2003

Dividing Lines: Municipal Politics and the Struggle for Civil Rights in Montgomery, Birmingham, and Selma, by J. Mills Thornton III (Review)

by Ralph E. Luker

University of Alabama Press, 2002

The South, the Nation, and the World: Perspectives on Southern Economic Development, by David L. Carlton and Peter A. Coclanis (Review)

by Gavin Wright

University of Virginia Press, 2003

Ella Baker and the Black Freedom Movement: A Radical Democratic Vision, by Barbara Ransby (Review)

by Charles M. Payne

University of North Carolina Press, 2003