Vol. 5, No. 2: Summer 1999

Vol. 5, No. 2: Summer 1999

Doris Betts on the Snopeses. The Souths of Sterling A. Brown. Owning a “piece of your own” in Claiborne County. Southern women write the North-South romance. John Shelton Reed tells us where the South is. And book reviews on subjects from swamps to blues to gender and Reconstruction. All in Summer 1999!

Front Porch: Summer 1999

by Harry L. Watson

"If there are many Souths, enjoy them all."

“We were the Snopeses”: A Writer and Her Piedmont

by Doris Betts

"An unexpected kinship with Flannery O'Connor and an exploration of what it means to be a 'piedmonter.'"

The Souths of Sterling A. Brown

by Elizabeth Davey

"One author's attempts to dispense with the Negro and to reveal a fuller African American experience."

“A Piece of Your Own”: The Tenant Purchase Program in Claiborne County

by Roland L. Freeman, David Crosby

"A newspaper account, an interview, and some historical context for a murder near Martin, Mississippi."

Reimagining the North-South Reunion: Southern Women Novelists and the Intersectional Romance, 1876-1900

by Jane Turner Censer

"Affairs of the heart reunite North and South."

Where Is the South?

by John Shelton Reed

"The South has been defined in a great many ways, but two of the most interesting characteristics we can use to determine its boundaries have not been gauged until recently."