Vol. 19, No. 2: Summer 2013

Vol. 19, No. 2: Summer 2013

John Reed on Bohemians and Shenanigans in the 1920s French Quarter. Michael McFee on his Inner Hillbilly. Rachel Marie-Crane Williams on a War in Black and White. Crandall Fountain on Intentional Agrarianism. Hardy Jackson on the Poutin’ House. Lee Smith, John Egerton, Doug Marlette and others on the Mystique of Moon Pies. Peter Coclanis and Stanley Engerman on whether slavery would have survived without the Civil War.

Front Porch: Summer 2013

by Harry L. Watson

"Though the Hard South cannot be evaded, most southerners know there is more to the region than that. The Soft South is here as well, cheek by jowl with its evil twin. Can we have one without the other?"

A War in Black and White: The Cartoons of Norman Ethre Jennett & the North Carolina Election of 1898

by Rachel Marie-Crane Williams

"Simmons, Aycock, and Daniels used their influence, oratorial skills, and the press to create a rape scare, demonize and humiliate black men and women, spread a violent white supremacist ideology, and reclaim the North Carolina Legislature for the Democratic Party."

Bohemians and Shenanigans in the 1920s French Quarter: an excerpt from Dixie Bohemia

by John Shelton Reed

"Another attraction was what their Flo Field remembered years later as a 'death-defying platform' built over the roof. Reached through a window, it offered an escape from the stifling heat of a New Orleans attic, and at one party Faulkner unsuccessfully tried to persuade Field to crawl outside—four floors above the street—with him."

My Inner Hillbilly

by Michael McFee

Dr. Julius Hibbert: “Yes, I remember Bart’s birth well. You don’t forget a thing like . . . SIAMESE TWINS!” Lisa Simpson: “I believe they prefer to be called ‘conjoined twins.’” Dr. Hibbert: “And hillbillies prefer to be called ‘Sons of the Soil,’ but it ain’t gonna happen!” —The Simpsons, season 8, “Treehouse of Horror”

Would Slavery Have Survived Without the Civil War?: Economic Factors in the American South During the Antebellum and Postbellum Eras

by Stanley L. Engerman, Peter A. Coclanis

"How long could slavery have continued to yield adequate financial returns to owners, putting aside any benefits in terms of non-pecuniary factors, such as the consumption of power, prestige, or the love to domineer?"

Moon Pies & Memories

by Mildred Council, John Egerton, George Tindall, William R. Ferris, Doug Marlette, Lee Smith

"Some people were just nuts about them. And they also have a mystique around extraterrestrial stuff."


by Michael Chitwood

"There are miracles in this world but they are working-class, Wednesday morning miracles . . ."

“My Integrity Means More Than a Dollar Bill”: Crandall Fountain’s Intentional Agrarianism

by Christopher Fowler

"Enter our story's main character. His response to agribusiness is what makes this story unique."

The Poutin’ House

by Harvey H. Jackson III

"There, every Wednesday, my Daddy presided over what those assembled called 'prayer meeting,' because that was what it wasn't."