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Vol. 8, No. 1: Spring 2002

  //  spring 2002

Doris Betts rides through the Cumberland Gap. Louis D. Rubin Jr. refights the Civil War. John Shelton Reed sizes up a southern face-slapping contest. Anthony Walton discovers Mississippi in Chicagoland. A lost husband hears the unmistakable crack of southern thunder. We wonder just what to do with our Confederate symbols. Explore it all in the Spring 2002 Issue!

Table of Contents

The Desegregated Heart: A Virginian’s Stand in Time of Transition by Sarah Patton Boyle, with an introduction by Jennifer Ritterhouse (Review)

by Melton A. McLaurin
University of Virginia Press, 2001. (Originally published by Morrow, 1962.) In 1950 Sarah Patton Boyle was a typical, perhaps the quintessential, member of Virginia’s white elite, convinced that the first families of Virginia, to which she belonged, were composed of the nation’s finest and most noble. She was the descendant of English and Scottish nobility, »
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