Vol. 8, No. 4: Ghosts

Vol. 8, No. 4: Ghosts

In our “Ghost”-themed issue, we search for an abandoned ship and its long-lost crew with Bland Simpson; we remember the 1898 Phoenix Riot—a response to the disenfranchisement of African Americans in Greenwood County, South Carolina—with Daniel Levinson Wilk; we pay homage to the dying art of deer-driving with Ileana Strauch; and we listen to the “Graveyard Blues” with Rob Golan. Boo!

Letters to the Editors: Hold On to Your Mule! The Oxford American Registers a Few Complaints

by Marc Smirnoff, Euell G. Brady

"To me it was nothing but musical feces."

Front Porch: Ghosts

by Harry L. Watson

"I bleakly recognized a haunt from my own family."

Ghost Ship of Diamond Shoals: The Mystery of the Carroll A. Deering

by Bland Simpson

"Upon the rude unpainted table at home the fisherman laid the wet paper, unscrolled it, but then could barely make out the sloppy clots of penned words: Deering Captured by Oil Burning Boat . . ."

The Phoenix Riot and the Memories of Greenwood County

by Daniel Levinson Wilk

"'I was with my father when they rode up, and I remember starting to cry.'"

The Dulcet Tones of Christian Disputation in the Democratic Up-Country

by Eugene D. Genovese

"Brownlow was 'a Methodist preacher, who once preached with a pistol and a bowie-knife on the Bible before him . . . . ready to gouge any fellow creature.'"

The Dying Art of Deer-Driving in the South Carolina Low-Country

by Ileana Strauch

"These images chronicle a century of tradition."

Learning Strategy at English Field

by Darnell Arnoult

"He is cocky. He's also cute and a good kisser."

Graveyard Blues

by Rob Golan

"The soundtrack for my Revelation was a simple three-cord ditty."

Black, White, and Huckleberry Finn: Re-imagining the American Dream, by Elaine Mensh and Harry Mensh (Review)

by Christopher Windolph

The University of Alabama Press, 2000

The Dixiecrat Revolt and the End of the Solid South, 1932-1968, by Kari Frederickson (Review)

by Jack Bass

University of North Carolina Press, 2001

Brer Rabbit, Uncle Remus, and the “Cornfield Journalist”: The Tale of Joel Chandler Harris, by Walter M. Brasch (Review)

by Jennifer Lynn Ritterhouse

Mercer University Press, 2000

American City, Southern Place: A Cultural History of Antebellum Richmond by Gregg D. Kimball; and Montgomery in the Good War: Portrait of a Southern City, 1939-1946 by Wesley Phillips Newton (Review)

by David R. Goldfield

University of Georgia Press, 2000; University of Alabama Press, 2000

Fight Against Fear: Southern Jews and Black Civil Rights by Clive Webb (Review)

by Eliza R. L. McGraw

University of Georgia Press, 2001

After the Backcountry: Rural Life in the Great Valley of Virginia, 1800-1900, ed. by Kenneth E. Koons and Warren R. Hofstra (Review)

by John C. Inscoe

University of Tennessee Press, 2000